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About us

Who We Are

We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

We care about the health of families – yours and ours – and this is why we work at JOHNSON’S®. JOHNSON’S® challenges us to constantly ask “what is best for baby?” We are proud of our commitment to developing high quality baby care products and we only make products we would use on our own families.

Janet Nikolovski, Ph.D

  • Associate Director and Research Fellow
  • Johnson’s Baby Research & Development
  • Mother to twins

I know what goes into the development of our products, the time, the giant team of experts, the care. Not just in selecting the best ingredients for babies, but the effort that goes into the whole process to meet the high standards we follow. That’s why I’ve always had JOHNSON’S® products in our home, both for myself and for my kids.

Some of my best memories with my kids have been giving them a bath, wrapping them up in a towel afterwards, and giving them a big hug. To this day, I still instinctively hug them after a bath and tell them how they “smell like a flower!”

Amanda Hernandez

  • Senior Scientist
  • Johnson & Johnson Sister
  • daughter

I love working at JOHNSON’S®. I love that we help people.

Everything we do is based on science, not a story or how one person feels one day. And it’s such important work.

I don’t have kids, but my sister and I were raised on JOHNSON’S® products. We had so many knots in our hair after we showered – we didn’t go one day without the detangling spray! Even as an adult, when I smell that scent of the detangling spray, I go right to being a kid. Scent is such an important trigger when it comes to memory. When I give products to my friends with new babies, I hope I am creating happy memories for them as well.

Neena Tierny

  • Associate Director, Fellow Global R&D
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide
  • Mother of three - one girl and two boys

One of my favorite projects at JOHNSON’S® was studying babies’ eyes – how they develop, what makes them different from adult eyes, and how to take care of them. My specific role is to clinically evaluate products, which, for us, always starts with understanding babies. We do that work like no other company.

I used JOHNSON’S® products for all my babies. My youngest still doesn’t always close his eyes in the shower, so he still uses JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo! When my friends and family ask me about JOHNSON’S® products, I try to help them understand what different ingredients are, what they need, what they don’t need. That’s always a conversation my friends and family – and everyone, really – wants to understand better.

What We Do

Our mission is to create the best baby care products in the world.

To us, best means  rigorously tested, mild & gentle and the most advanced formulations that science and love can create. Our products are designed to encourage multisensory experiences, which we know can help promote emotional, cognitive and physical development in infants.

How We Do It

JOHNSON’S® baby care solutions are built on a ‘mother’s instinct’ and backed up by science.

Honestly, without our dedication to science and to continually learning from new technologies and processes, we can’t imagine how we’d be able to take such good care of our babies. That’s why for decades, our safety process has been one of the most thorough and rigorous product testing processes in our industry.

JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Routine

Our unique 3-step routine is the first and only nighttime routine clinically proven to help children aged 7 to 36 months sleep better in just 1 week.

Nappy Rash Guide

Identify, prevent and help treat nappy rash with this helpful guide

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We are committed to working with mums, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest standards in safety, quality and care.