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Pregnancy is an exciting and at times overwhelming experience. There is no shortage of books and other materials available today about pregnancy and what to expect. However, finding the right sort of advice and information, in a style that you trust and are comfortable with is very important. You will have lots of questions, concerns and emotions both throughout your pregnancy and after the birth, that’s why the Johnson’s® and BabyCenter® team have created a diary to help you through it all. The Johnson’s® & BabyCenter® pregnancy diary includes information on:

  • How to plan your care during pregnancy
  • What you may be experiencing at each stage of your pregnancy
  • Giving birth and caring for your newborn.

The diary is designed to be an interactive resource for expecting mums and dads to rely on to help address concerns regarding pregnancy and child birth. 

Brought to you by Johnson’s®. Content provided by BabyCenter®.

Getting Ready for Your Baby

How to prepare for bringing your baby home.

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