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For over 100 years, we've dedicated ourselves to understanding babies and the special nurturing their eyes, skin, and hair require.

Our Promise

Our products engage the senses and when used with baby’s routines can help evoke positive emotions and ultimately enhance the loving bond between a mother and her baby.

That's why mums and healthcare professionals around the world have trusted the JOHNSON’S® brand to care for their babies. It's a responsibility we take seriously as we continue to apply our knowledge and research to bring you innovative products that live up to our mild and gentle promise.

Recently, we completed a global reformulation of JOHNSON’S® products to remove certain ingredients based on your preferences. Designed with the same high safety and quality standards, these reformulated products have been rolling out, and will continue to do so over the coming months.

Specifically, we removed formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and reduced traces of 1,4-dioxane. For most of our new and improved baby products, we have also removed parabens ahead of our 2015 commitment as part of our promise to you. Learn more here.

Our Safety & Care Commitment is another step in our work with mums, healthcare professionals, scientists and experts in public health to ensure that our products continue to achieve the highest of the JOHNSON’S® brand standards. As science advances and your preferences change, we’ll continue to listen to you.

Additionally, we’ll continue to work to reduce environmental impact to help leave behind a world your baby will proudly inherit.

Our Unique Story

The story of JOHNSON ’S® baby products began in the 1890s, when some patients who used Johnson & Johnson medicated plasters complained to the company that some of the plasters irritated their skin. Scientific Director Fred Kilmer sent them small containers of Italian talc to soothe the irritation. These patients discovered that the talc also helped alleviate nappy rash, and they told the company. As a result, JOHNSON ’S® baby powder made its debut in 1894, and the JOHNSON’S® baby brand was born.

JOHNSON’S® has continually been a pioneer in delivering breakthrough solutions to its consumers, including the first NO MORE TEARS® shampoos and washes, and the only bedtime routine clinically proven to help baby sleep better. Throughout nearly 120 years, JOHNSON’S® has embodied consumer partnership and scientific discovery to become a leading baby care brand in 173 countries worldwide.

Our Commitment to Safety

Every parent wants absolute peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their child. At JOHNSON’S®, our commitment to baby’s safety comes first in everything we do. From the stringent selection of our ingredients, to the most rigorous product reviews and clinical assessments, no small detail is ever spared.

We understand the unique makeup of every baby’s skin, hair and eyes and the special care and protection they deserve. This knowledge guides us to create products that are gentle and mild, that preserve and help safeguard baby from skin and eye irritation.

Healthy development starts with the right care and use of the right products – from day one. Our products are proven to protect the eyes, effectively nourish skin and hair, and support healthy growth, from the very first days, through every step of the way.

Mums around the world look to JOHNSON’S® to care for their babies

We are committed to working with mums, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest JOHNSON’S® baby standards.

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