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To help mums and dads understand the simple truth about our products, we’ll show you what’s behind the label, dispel common myths and answer popular questions about our ingredients. The safety of your little one is your number one priority, so of course you want to know what’s best for your baby.

Your top questions answered

  • Is Johnson’s safe for my baby?     

    Learn about the Johnson’s 5 step safety process

  • How can I understand ingredient labels?

    Learn about the INCI labelling system

  • What does 'Natural' & ‘Chemical’ mean?

    Learn about terms like natural & chemical

  • Formaldehyde and added parabens

    Learn the truth about our ingredients

  • Is talc safe to use on my baby?

    Learn more about talc

  • Do Johnson's products contain mineral oils?

    Learn more about mineral oils

  • Are fragrances in baby products an issue?

    Learn more about fragrances

Product Safety

Knowing what’s in a product is important, and we take it seriously. We follow strict rules and guidelines when it comes to labelling our products so you can know what they contain. We want both you and baby to rest easy.

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Ingredient Safety FAQ’s

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Natural Ingredient FAQ

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Animal Testing

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