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So Much More™

At the JOHNSON’S® Brand, we believe that every baby deserves more. More opportunities for skin-to-skin touch. More bonding time. More sensory stimulation. More healthy development.


Sensorial Experiences Enhance Those Moments That Nurture Healthy Baby Development

Research reveals that routine touch and massage by a parent or loving caregiver is critical to a baby’s growth and development, communication and learning. The JOHNSON’S® Brand is at the forefront, highlighting the importance of enhanced daily care rituals that help your loving touch gently stimulate your baby’s senses and nurture his developing mind. We are paving the way by advancing research that reveals the importance of multi-sensorial experiences that can lead to happy, healthy baby development.

  • Touch:

    Studies have shown that routine touch and massage can lead to improved physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development. Specifically, routine baby massage has been shown to improve cognitive performance and increase alertness and attentiveness. Your baby’s first emotional bonds are built from physical contact, and these serve as the foundation for emotional and intellectual development later in life. We believe this to be truly special.

  • Scent:

    Your baby is able to smell before he’s even born - about 28 weeks into pregnancy! Enjoyable and familiar scents have been shown to improve mood, calmness and alertness, and the scent of a mother can help reduce crying. Additionally, scent is important from day 1 because newborns use the sense of smell to familiarize themselves more than any other sense.

Bathtime Can Be...
So Much More™

While some believe a bath is just a time to clean your baby, at JOHNSON’S®, we believe bathtime is a time for more. Bathtime, both cleansing and massage, can offer a multi-sensory playground where parents and babies have the opportunity to not only bond but also discover, together.


Easy steps you can take to make bathtime mean so much more

  • Playing with bubbles can help your baby develop hand-eye coordination and discover that objects exist even when they can’t be seen.
  • Playing music and singing songs during bathtime can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory, while playing certain types of music can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for visual imagery.
  • Talking back and forth to your baby during bathtime can help with language development. Studies show infants who are spoken with more have larger vocabularies by 24 months of age. Bathtime is a perfect time to talk back and forth with your baby!
  • Even splashing in the water during bathtime can be a discovery experience! It can help teach your baby about cause-and-effect.
  • Studies have shown that babies bathed with a fragranced bath product (compared to those who were not) Spent nearly 25%less time crying before sleep.
  • Routine massage before or after bathtime is a perfect opportunity for skin-to-skin touch. Routine massage has been shown to improve a baby’s sleep quality, and quantity as part of a bedtime routine. Massage is a perfect time for you to introduce words like head, shoulder, knees, toes, fingers, and nose!

Everyday Care Rituals

Are Perfect Opportunities for Learning and Discovery

Babies are learning everything about the world around them for the first time. Establish daily rituals with your baby across a variety of activities to stimulate baby’s senses and provide opportunities for him to learn, think, love and grow.

Make the Most of Your Rituals Today


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