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Baby Massage Guide: Six Months Plus

At this stage your baby will be much more active, wriggling, sitting up, crawling and trying to stand. Remember it is normal for an active baby to move around a lot, so you can be creative with the massage, working with any part of the body which is presented to you. It’s also a time to introduce more fun like songs, rhymes and games. Adapt the massage strokes to your baby’s more active developmental stage.

Legs Rolling

Legs - Rolling

Leg rolling is a fun activity which increases body awareness. Once the baby shows that they enjoy the movement, you could introduce a song. Remember to slow the pace of your song down so that your baby can join in.

With your hands, roll the leg from thigh to ankle. With longer legs, adapt this stroke, rolling from knee to ankle.



If your baby wants to sit upright, you can adapt your massage. Massaging in this position helps to prepare them for sitting unsupported and strengthen the back muscles. It can also be soothing as a calming bedtime routine.

Swooping one hand after the other from neck to buttocks and down again. Baby might want to play with a toy while you are massaging.

Gentle Movements

Gentle Movements

Gentle movements, which are a set of simple exercises to help to develop baby’s coordination, align the spine and keep your baby flexible. These movements are a fun activity for the babies. You will learn them when you attend the class. This is one example below.



Cross your baby’s arms at the chest three times, alternating, which arm is over and under. Then gently stretch the arms out to the side. The rhythm is: cross-cross-cross-open. Repeat.

Finish with a kiss and a cuddle.

These massage strokes are based on INFANT MASSAGE: A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala McClure, the founder of the IAIM.

The IAIM is a non-profit organization and does not endorse any product.

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